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With professional billing managers on staff, we handle the entire revenue cycle process for your practice – from the data input of a new patient to the resolution of billing inquiries from patients and insurance companies.

Revenue Cycle Management
  • Claims are submitted and receipts are posted within 48 hours of receipt to ensure a consistent cash flow for your practice
  • Receipt deposits go directly into your business account
  • Tracer claims and follow-up phone calls on unpaid claims at 45 days to keep your accounts receivable current
  • A delinquency policy that includes pre-approved letters and actions to collect monies due
Customer Service
  • Rapid responses to insurance carrier and patient inquiries for problem claims
  • Voice mail is available 24 hours per day so we can be responsive to the needs of your office and patients. Calls do not go unanswered.
  • Detailed weekly reports keep you current on charges and receipts
  • Comprehensive end-of-month and year-end financial reports assist in monitoring the financial health of your practice
  • We use reliable systems to manage data input, coding compliance, electronic claims submission, claim follow-up, collections and electronic data storage so that accurate and accessible records are kept.
  • Routine back-ups are completed daily and stored offsite to ensure the security of your patient and practice information.
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